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Carbures extends its contract with PEMEX for seven monnths and 3.5 million euros

• The civil engineering division of the Spanish technology extends the two-year contract signed in 2015 with the Mexican oil company PEMEX for seven months. The extension of this agreement, signed this month and ending in December 2018, involves an additional billing of 3.5 million euros for a total of 10 million.

• Pemex reinforces its collaboration with Carbures, which increases the engineering work for the Exploration and Production Division within the field of transport and oil extraction in the platforms that the Mexican giant operates in the North and South regions of Mexico.

Madrid, June 26, 2018. Carbures reinforces its relationship with Pemex, the Mexican oil giant. The Spanish technology specialist in the design, engineering and manufacture of structures in composite materials has extended in seven months the two-year contract signed in 2015 with Petróleos Mexicanos, Pemex, for the development of platforms and other oil infrastructure. This extension of the contract, whose completion has now been set in December this year, represents an additional billing of 83 million pesos (3.5 million euros) for the technology throughout 2018. Carbures channels this extension of the contract with Pemex through its Mexican subsidiary, PYPSA, and the engineering tasks are limited to the terrestrial and marine oil assets that the Mexican oil company has in the North and South regions of Mexico.

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Carbures sells automotive technology for 1.6 million to a Tier-1 in Mexico

Carbures signs a new contract for the sale of test lines for electronic steering of high production cars with a Tier 1 world leader in Mexico that manufactures cars for many leading brands in Mexico and the NAFTA zone.

• The Company will manufacture this automotive technology, with its own engineering and software developments, at its plant in Querétaro, Mexico, and thus responds to the needs of its customers to become a global supplier to standardize production and test equipment as much as possible.

Madrid, May 18, 2018. Carbures begins to accelerate in the automotive area, settles in Mexico and achieves an important contract with a first-level player in the automotive sector for the NAFTA zone. The Company has signed a new contract with a global Tier1 in Mexico for which it provides seven lines of electronic steering testing, in high production, for 1.6 million euros. Carbures is going to manufacture the automotive technology lines at its Querétaro plant and will deliver them, ready and equipped with its own engineering and software, unique in the sector in the world, which allows the control of the driving system of cars at industrial manufacturing rates. Without counting on this new contract, the automotive division of Carbures adds 13.3 million euros in contracts of this pioneering technology of automotive in the first quarter of the year, which is about 33 percent of the total turnover in this 2017 activity line.

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Carbures expands its factory in El Burgo de Osma to implement a second high-volume line

• Carbures signed an agreement with the Town Hall of El Burgo de Osma for the assignment of a warehouse for the expansion of the current factory, destined to the manufacture of car parts in composite materials to cover the ramp up in the volume of orders.

• The expanded warehouse incorporates Industry 4.0's own technology, such as intelligent linear and artificial vision. The expansion is made after two years of work in short series of parts manufacturing to meet the expected increase in orders within the automotive sector.

• With the increase of almost 2,000 square meters, the factory will have a total area of 4,366 square meters and a staff of about 116 workers when it works at full capacity within a few years.

Madrid, March 20, 2018. Carbures expands its plant in El Burgo de Osma to meet the growing demand for parts and industrial technology in parts manufacturing processes with composite materials from the automotive sector. The Company will increase the surface area of the plant to 4,366 square meters: to the current 2,540 square meters, the 1,826.54 square meters of the expansion will be added. Within the budget is included the technology needed to accelerate the cadence and increase the security during the parts manufacturing processes. When the plant is at full capacity, it will employ around a hundred people.

After detecting needs in the market by TIER1 and OEMs (manufacturers of original equipment for cars) worldwide reference, Carbures undertakes this extension of the current factory with the aim of increasing its industrial capacity. The extension building object of the signing of the agreement will host different parts of the process and the technology that allows Carbures to produce composite pieces in long series. The expansion of the El Burgo plant incorporates Carbures' own technology, such as a manufacturing line composed of intelligent linear with artificial vision that Carbures has designed, manufactured and marketed to Tier 1 global in USA and Japan. According to the design of the plant and the integration of the expansion with the factory already in operation, in addition to the intelligent lines it has been already reserved spaces for a clean room of 425 square meters including cutting room and quality, a numerical control machine (CNC), a section for storage of tooling of large dimensions, two bridge cranes for the movement of said tooling.

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Carbures develops a 4.0 robotic automation system for Airbus Defence in Seville

• Carbures carries out a technological development of its own to Airbus to automate a manual process of 'shaving' of rivets for the plant of the global aeronautical manufacturer in Seville. This 'intelligent' robot of industry 4.0 allows to reduce the operation times and ensure the repetitiveness of the process.

• The contract, which lasts approximately ten months, will allow the implementation of this new technology at the Airbus plant in Tablada, which the Company can now apply to the other two sectors in which it operates: automotive and civil works.

Madrid, May 4th 2018. Carbures contributes its 4.0 technology to the improvement of assembly processes for Airbus aircraft parts in one of the two most important aeronautical poles in Spain, the Sevillian. The company specializing in engineering and industrial technology for the manufacture of structures and parts in composite materials has signed a new contract with Airbus, which will provide it with its own technology to speed up the industrial process of manufacturing aircraft structures in the plant that Airbus operates in Tablada, Seville. The contract has a duration of 10 months and it will be developed, installed and put into operation by a team of engineers that Carbures has in Seville.

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Carbures signs a second contract with Hyperloop for its futuristic train

• Carbures Civil Works has signed a second contract, for 2.8 million euros, with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for the integral development, from the engineering to the manufacturing of the prototype of the pipeline for the line of this futuristic train that will connect Dubai with Abu Dabi.

• The prototype tube will be built in composite, will have a length of 700 meters, divided into segments of 12 meters long by four in diameter and a wall thickness of 32 millimeters, will be equipped with thousands of intelligent sensors that improve maintenance and the security, and the estimated manufacturing time is one year.

Madrid, March 5, 2018. First were the prototypes of the passenger capsules. Now it is the tube through which the capsules will travel. Carbures has signed a second contract with the American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for the integral development, from design, engineering, technology and manufacturing, of the composite tube prototype through which, as a track, the Dubai- Abu Dhabi line will circulate. The contract has been awarded to the Spanish technology company in a tender with four other companies that presented steel tube projects. The prototype will have a total length of 700 meters in length and will be equipped with thousands of intelligent sensors with the capacity to transmit information to a central monitoring station, which will control and facilitate the security of the installation. The contract signed by Carbures and Hyperloop amounts to 2.8 million euros and it is estimated that the prototype will be delivered later this year.

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