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Carbures builds up its Board in order to allow them to branch into new international markets

The Company takes on two new financial experts, one specialising in international markets and the other in industry.

• Ignacio Foncilas, an associate of Black Toro Capital and expert in the financial processes in the American market, in which comprehensive support is offered to technological and industrial companies.

• The financial and industrial knowledge of Jordi Lainz, economist and Financial Director (CFO) of Eurofred, will provide great assistance to the company allowing them to benefit from his experience in companies in the aeronautical and automotive sectors.

Madrid, on Wednesday, 27th of May, 2015. Carbures moves forward with its commitment to improving its good corporative governing practices in order to keep pace with the consolidation process and its organic growth as well as to allow the company to adapt to the good practices of the continuous market.

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Carbures increases its productive capacity in Aeronautics

Investment in technology to allow them to increase their capacity in the manufacturing of plane parts made with fibres.

• Carbures increases its manufacturing capacity with the introduction of the ramp up, or with the steady increase in its manufacturing for their main clients in the aeronautical sector.

• It has acquired technology which allows it to increase the speed of its milling of mechanical pieces, tenfold, the final part of the industrial manufacturing process of carbon fibre plane parts: before this was done by means of a traditional milling process, but now with this new technology, it means that up to ten pieces can be milled at the same time and with higher millimetrical precision.

• This new technology is installed in the company's Jerez de la Frontera Plant, which is the Group's largest aeronautical plant.

Madrid, 16th of March, 2015. Carbures increases the cruise control in the manufacturing processes in the aeronautical sector. The Company has acquired a technology called BR25, a machining centre which allows them to multiple tenfold, the industrial output in the final phase of the manufacturing process, which consists of the cutting and the milling of the pieces. This new technology allows Carbures to face the increasing demand of orders in the aeronautical sector and which is used at the same time as the ramp up, thereby leading to a steady increase in manufacturing for their aeronautical clients. The BR25 has been designed by the company EPMM, specially for the mechanisation of carbon fibre pieces which require strict specifications which are based on the current aeronautical programmes.

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Carbures completes the industrial process loop of carbon fiber

A new repair facility is available, from today, at the R&D&I plant of the Group, located in El Puerto de Santa María.

The company diversifies its activities with this new business line and becomes the first Group to offer a full manufacturing and repair service in Spain.

Carbures has the necessary technology required to offer repair services, called Sicoteva, a kind of "electric blanket", which is laid over the area to be repaired. It applies heat to that area and hardens it.

Madrid, February 4, 2015. Carbures completes the industrial process loop of carbon fiber. The Company has launched a new business line, the repair of composite parts and structures, that complements the manufacturing one, thus offering a full technological-industrial service to the market. The new repair facility of the R&D&I plant of the Group, which is located in El Puerto de Santamaría, provides its services, initially, in the aerospace sector.As a result of the demand and the non-existent supply of this service, Carbures, which have already carried out some exceptional repairs for some of its clients, launches this new business line for the aerospace sector.

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Carbures at Geneva Motor Show 2015

Carbures is participating at the 85th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show thanks to the relationship with Spania GTA for the production of exterior parts of the GTA Spano, the first supersporcar in the world which include the most advanced technology in its manufacturing such as graphene. Carbures have been actively involved in the manufacturing of high quality carbon fiber components with strong aesthetical meanings which distinguish the new GTA Spano concept car showing the future potentials of the new materials and technologies and making it a revolutionary product.  Carbures strongly contribute to transform the ideas of Spania GTA design team, crafted into the virtual world, into a real product while taking a step forward on its strategic expansion in the automotive field by joining the selected group of concept car makers.

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Black Toro Capital 'injects' eight million in Carbures to consolidate its growth project.

• The fund has granted a loan of EUR eight million with an interest rate of 6 percent.

• BTC has also declared its interest to become, in the medium term, an important shareholder of the Company.

• Carbures has raised EUR 25 million in less than two months, more than the amount raised during the process to be listed on the MAB.

Madrid, January 20, 2015-. Black Toro Capital (BTC), an investment fund focused on the stabilization and growth of Spanish mid-sized companies, has invested in Carbures, a specialized manufacturer of parts and structures made of composite materials, as carbon fiber. This show of confidence by the international investment fund in the Company has been formalized through an EUR 8 million loan, with a three-year interest rate of 6 percent. The objective of the operation is to support the organic growth and business plan of Carbures.

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