CARBURES´  growth plan is attracting great attention among the specialized media. The  renowned newspaper Cinco Días, has published an article this past Sunday with reference to the history of CARBURES and their ambitious growth plan, which is being awarded by investors in the Alternative Stock Market.

From a small company linked to the university, to anunstoppable rise in the track of Airbus and Boeing. That is the way of carbon fiber manufacturer CARBURES, which plans to open three new plants and have just acquired two other companies.

This firm was born by the orders of the former company CASA and its successor EADS. Belonging to the chemistry department of the University of Cádiz, it was born to experiment with carbon fiber for its aircraft. In 2002 started as a company, then called Easy Industrial Solutions, until in 2011 it absorbed Atlántica Composites and was renamed with the current name. Since then it has been growing thanks to Airbus, its main customer.

But this quoted (on the Alternative Stock Market since March 2012) has started an ambitious growth plan. In February bought a competitor firm from U.S., Fiberdyne, present in Seattle with the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which also opens the way to enter into the aerospace and automotive sector. Just two weeks ago it announced the purchase of MDU, an Andalusian engineering company with which completed its value chain, from design to manufacturing parts.

Even though the jump is even greater. The company is building a plant in South Carolina (USA), "where it is being promoted an aeronautical pole", explains Juan Juarez, CARBURES advisor and board of directors member. "To reach the U.S. market it is needed being close to the customer". Its presence there, thank to Fiberdyne acquisition,has brought the possibility of negotiate with Bombardier and Embraer aircraft manufacturer in order to get new orders.

This closeness was also necessary in the case of China. "Airbus has a large order from the Chinese government, which has demanded it to manufacture there. We have been selected to be the suppliers of carbon fiber, so we will open there  a plant. The forecasts say that in the next 20 years one third of the orders for 30,000 new aircraft will come from Asia, " said Juarez. For this reason CARBURES plans to open its factory in Harbin (China) in 2014.

In Spain, in addition to the purchase of MDU, CARBURES has also strengthened its position. It hasJust opened a new factory near to the airport of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz-Spain)). And another step towards the automotive sector is the construction in El Burgo de Osma (Soria-Spain) a factory that will be devoted to manufacture vehicle parts and will be opened this year.

All these plans have being financed with funds collected from the Alternative Stock Market and from soft loans "because the aeronautics industry is strategic, it continues growing and creating jobs despite the crisis," says Juarez. Although the company plans to launch two capital increases in the stock market this year. One in June, to capture five million euros, and another at the end of exercise, to gain another five million. "The Alternative Stock Market has given us visibility and funding. It convey us both transparency and impact which are strongly valued by investors. "

The market has embraced this company, which started quoting in fixing to 1.08 euros and last week went to the continuous method at a price above 4 euros. The company forecasts, thanks to its expansion plans, go to reach the 34 million euros in turnover, from 25 in 2012 and 6 in 2011.

A rapier for Jose María Manzanares.

CARBURES has designed and manufactured a rapier made of carbon fiber for the bullfighter Jose Maria Manzanares, within a program of carbonization, which means replacing metals with carbon fiber. He becomes the first bullfighter who use this material.

CARBURES wanted to show the benefits of these composites. Among the properties that carbon fiber provides to bullfighting is the weight reduction to up 75% . The increase in resistance becomes three times more than steel and "introduces a rigid and flexible trait at the same time as it allows to bend the rapier without breaking the structure" note from the company. The bullfighter uses this rapier since last year.

The company devotes almost a 10% of its turnover to R & D. It has several competitors, specially in the U.S., because in Europe it has almost no competitors, since EADS requested to the Spanish industry the manufacturing of carbon fiber structures (as in France or Germany are made other aircraft components), says Juarez. A decade ago almost any part of the aircraft was of this material, but with the reduction of production costs, currently a large part are of carbon fiber because of this compound is three times stronger than steel and four times lighter. The new A350 aircraft will take this material of CARBURES, as well as the A320neo model.



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