CARBURES like "a missile" / CARBURES como un misil

The footsteps of CARBURES in the Alternative Stock Market has drawn media attention such as, which echoes the rapid raising of the share value since its release into the stock exchange.

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Get in the "missile" Spanish stock market: CARBURES increases capital by 5 million.

Carbures goes up in 2013 by more than 200% and is the best valued in the Spanish stock market. It is being so interesting that the company will launch a capital increase in June for 5 million euros. Also, it will pay dividend for the first time in its history.

The engineering Cádiz based company CARBURES is which has had the larger increase in the Spanish market during  2013, earning more than 200%. The success of this missile is not an accident in the stock exchange, it has being emerging for the last decade. And now it exploded.Its secret is to be a leading sector-manufacturing carbon fiber composites, and linked to a non-crisis industry as aeronautics. And to continue its expansion to other sectors such as automotive, CARBURES will make a capital increase of  5 million euros in late June.

This has been explained in an interview with business advisor Juan Juarez, who also has advanced plans to raise a second increase later in the year for another five million euros. In February there was a capital increase with a 20% over expected demand, so that the firm does not have vertigo. "We are in direct contact with investors and we are moving a lot of interest because there is a big draw in this operation," said Juarez.

Now, the company aims to give the opportunity to enter this success story of small investors, life-savers seeking long-term value in an emerging sector. The novelty, unlike what happened in February, is that this time could be accommodated institutional investors. "We are asking but we have not decided yet. There are four or five that are pounding away, are well known and very representative," said the manager.

The growth in the shares value it is parallel to the increase of profits. The company has won in 2012 more than a million euros when the forecasts went through a loss of almost 300,000 euros. Literally, have passed the 'break even' at full speed. During the first ten years of incubation, there was a significant variation. But last year, after leaving the MAB, new directors joined the board that have given a new look to the Cádiz based manufacturer. "The company has become more professional and diversified geographically and by customers," says Juarez. And indeed it is. From working only making parts for Airbus, CARBURES is now doing the same for Boeing and Embraer. And they are already in the United States and China.

But since the market is very demanding, there will come a time when you do not settle only shareholders with share appreciation and dividends begin to claim. "We will define this year and we will fix soon, but do not want to be too big because right now the return of funds is significant. Words, it is more profitable for shareholders to continue using these resources to the distribution. But this year we will pay a dividend "says Juarez.

In regard to business forecasts, the manager wants to be very conservative. However, the official forecast (cautious) is a turnover of 34 million in 2013, almost 50% checked it last year. "This is the forecast, but there may be breaks because we are considering buying a company and also we are not incorporating synergies," said Juarez. This means that the final figure will surely be much higher. And Ebitda is not walking behind because they expected to rise by 3.5 million compared to 2.3 million last year. A 50% increase.

With such numbers, the question is obvious. Do not have fear from CARBURES was bought by a bigger fish? The counselor clarifies that "we have raised, and indeed any offer we received in the past. But the value and content that CARBURES has today, we do not see in anyone else, even if larger." So in Cadiz based company is expected to be much higher value in the future.

For example, a carbon fiber part manufactured by CARBURES in a long series (250,000 cars and 300 aircraft) can mean revenues of 100 million euros. And thereafter. To address the production of this piece, CARBURES has to assemble a complete line, which would mean an investment of about ten million. From there, recurring billing and orders ranging between 100 and 400 million to an investment of only ten million. Can or can not go like a missile? stock 


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