The companies design new carbon wheels with the objective of manufacturing in 2017

• The Spanish company and the Italian engineering design new carbon fiber wheels and produce the prototypes with the objective of production in 2017  

• There are two types of design: one of hybrid wheels of aluminum and carbon fiber that reduces weight by 30 percent compared to the lightest metal ones. And another design, only of carbon fiber, which lowers the weight 45 percent, almost half.

• The manufacturing processes of Carbures, fully automated with linears of in-house technology, raise production to allow long series of 30,000 units per year.

Madrid, October 8, 2015. Carbures advances in the automotive industry. The company specialized in manufacturing vehicle’s structures and parts of carbon fiber, has signed a contract with the Italian company 2elle engineering establishing the development of the manufacture of car rims of two types: a hybrid one, made of aluminum and carbon fiber, meaning a reduction of weight of 30 percent compared with the traditional metal ones; and another ones only of carbon fiber, whose weight reduction reaches 45 percent. Both companies have set themselves the goal of industrially manufacture at a rate of 30,000 units per year from 2017.

These companies have set up a task force for the development and production of rims which operates between Spain, Italy and Germany and is already working on the production of prototypes, which are being developed in the facility of Carbures at El Puerto de Santa María and in Italy by the 2elle engineering factory. Both companies expect the mass production of rims in 2017 to reach an average speed of 30,000 units per year.

If an aluminum rim has an average weight of about fifteen kilos, the hybrid rim of aluminum and carbon that Carbures and 2elle-engineering are designing weights nine kilos, and seven kilos the one manufactured only in carbon fiber. Carbon rims can replace the current ones of metal, since they involve a reduction of weight and increase of resistance, hardness and torque capacity of the existing metal rims.

In addition to lowering the weight of the piece, carbon wheels improve dynamic performance of the vehicle, that is to say, the behavior of the steering and suspension when moving. The reduction of the weight of the piece improves the car energy efficiency because as it requires less power to move, it consumes less fuel. It is the industry trend: car manufacturers have already squeezed combustion engines to reduce CO2 emissions, it is only left working in the vehicle structure to reduce weight and facilitate movement of the vehicle with greater energy efficiency.  

The technological and industrial development of Carbures and 2elle-engineering will allow to incorporate to the cars market of daily use, utilities, parts, in this case rims, that now are mounted only in the most exclusive models, including sports, high-end cars, etc. Currently, the manufacturing process of the carbon rims is in the engineering and prototyping phase to perform initial testing and homologation. Then, the stage of industrial production in long series, which the Company expects to arrive in 2017.

"Carbures goes a step further in its process of leading what could be described as the pending revolution in the automotive industry: the change of the metal by carbon. Our firm commitment to R&D&I, in which we invested about 6 million euros last year, allows us to create industry solutions and lead the development of the new automotive. We are very grateful to 2elle-engineering for their work and effort and we are also confident that together we can lead the change of rims on cars", says Rafael Contreras, President of Carbures.

"Thanks to this partnership we have the capacity to develop hybrid and 100% carbon wheels for use in the street according to the highest specifications and conditions of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer, the big car manufacturers) like the use with high temperatures, stress tests, etc.," said Josef Neuhäusler, Director of Carbures Mobility. "The preform, as well as the injection process, will allow high volume production and should be ready for industrial production in 2017", added Luigi Lucaora, CEO of 2elle engineering.

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