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Carbures designs Oil Rigs for Pemex

The Company signs an engineering contract for €11 million with the Mexican Giant.

• The engineering of oil rigs is the first step towards starting to construct them with composite materials which can replace metal due to their anticorrosive capacity and duration.

• The contract with Pemex will last for 27 months. Carbures intends to spread its activity in Mexico, including the automotive and aeronautical sectors

Madrid 17th August 2015. Carbures takes steps towards moving into the oil business. The Company, specialised in the design and manufacturing of composite materials has signed a contract for 200 million Mexican Pesos (11 million euros) for the development of petrol platforms and other infrastructures with Mexican Oil company, Pemex. Carbures signed a contract with Pemex through its Mexican office, PYPSA, and the engineering tasks are limited to the oil assets that the Mexican Oil Company has in the Northern and Southern marine regions of Mexico.

They confirmed the contract in August 2015, with a d

uration of 27 months which will be able to ensure that the company PYPSA has recurring revenue until the end of 2017. The relevance of this contract is due to the fact that it deals with the processes prior to the manufacturing of oil rigs with composite materials which will replace the current ones which are made with metal, given that the material that is currently is use is a lot less resistant to sea water corrosion and in general to the corrosion caused by severe weather conditions. This is another of the uses for composite materials for public works which Carbures has developed. Carbures has already constructed pillars manufactured from composite materials which were able to support the weight of a new 100 metre long quay which was built in order to expand one of the ports of the Canary Island, for the company Acciona Infraestructuras. This is a maritime structure which is the pioneer in the world, and the potential for the use of composite materials in this type of structure is enormous.

PYPSA, Carbures' branch in Mexico, is a Mexican Consultancy Company with X years of experience carrying out these types of engineering services. The purpose of this contract is the engineering of infrastructual projects, research, studies, expert judgement, and/or technical analysis, and market research into the technical and economical feasibility, and they will provide services in PYPSA's central offices in Mexico City, and in the city of Poza Rica, in Veracruz State, "As with all operations regarding inorganic growth, the purchase of PYPSA was carried out for strategic motives in order to allow us to enter into new markets and activity lines in which the potential for growth is tremendous due to the convenience and feasibility of using composite materials.

Contreras added that "Mexico has a lot to offer in terms of its great variety of activity lines in the automotive and aeronautical sectors, as well as its oil rigs." The Managing Director of Carbures, José María Tarragó states that "they consider this contract with Pemex to be a huge step which will allow them to progress further in Mexico, as well as allowing them to enter into other strategic sectors for the company."


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