Carbures appoints Roberto Rey as new managing director

The Board is reinforcing its management team to adapt to its situation of industrial growth.

* Roberto Rey Perales, already chosen as a director of Carbures on 10 December, ex-director of the Antolín Group and ex-Managing Director of the San José Group, among other positions, is today appointed Managing Director of the Company.  

* Carbures is thus reinforcing its corporate structure to adapt it to the management needs arising as a result of its growing portfolio of aeronautics and automotive orders for the next few years.  

* Carbures is expanding the manufacturing capacity of its Burgo de Osma plant by installing a long-line composite materials car parts production line.

Madrid, 16 December 2015. Carbures is appointing Roberto Rey as new Managing Director to handle the growth in industry predicted for the next few years. The Board of Directors has made the decision to reinforce the company’s executive leadership to handle a new business phase of increased orders for parts in the aeronautics, automotive and civil engineering sectors for the next few years. In a session held on this day, the Board of Directors has approved the appointments of Rey, ex-Managing Director of the San José Group, and of Rafael Contreras, founder and Executive Chairman of the Company. In 2015, Carbures is consolidating itself as a leading European manufacturer of composite material aeroplane parts. Its industrial and manufacturing figures from its aeronautics business line demonstrate this.

This year, the Company has reached its historic record for manufacturing composite aeroplane parts with 39,322 parts coming out of its Illescas and Jerez de la Frontera plants, the two leading composites manufacturing centres for the aeronautics sector in Europe. This manufacturing volume means an increase of 22.23% over the 32,348 parts manufactured in 2014. With respect to the automotive sector, the Company is working on projects with various manufacturers, particularly in Germany and the United States, but still in the phase of development and engineering of the parts and how they would be assembled in the vehicles.

This is the phase prior to manufacturing the prototypes for their subsequent long-line production of parts and final assembly in cars. In the latest crisis suffered by the automotive sector, it has been made clear that traditional car engines have been squeezed to the maximum to reduce emissions of polluting particles and cannot do any more. Hybrid and electric engines are now mainly being manufactured, and the time is coming to work on manufacturing conceptually different cars, with more efficient engines, less pollution and lighter vehicles, as a result of replacing metal parts with composites. Along these lines, Carbures is expanding the manufacturing capacity of its Burgo de Osma plant by installing a long-line composite materials car parts production line.

The civil engineering business line is in a similar phase, from design to industrial engineering for the assembly of oil platforms in Pemex, Mexico. Carbures works there through its Aztec family, PYPSA. The new Managing Director, Roberto Rey, is coming to Carbures with the mission to provide the Company with a greater corporate structure, making a solid platform from which to handle the growing industrial situation of the Company, which is starting to acquire a higher volume and with a significant growth path in all business lines. A native of Burgos, Spain, aged 44, Roberto Rey has a degree in Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid, a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Deusto, has completed a General Management Programme (PDG) at IESE, and an Advanced Management Program at Warton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. Rey is bringing to Carbures his experience as director in major industrial companies, such as Campofrío, the Indal Group and the Antolín Group (multinational manufacturer in the automobile sector). He was also, until August, Managing Director of the Managing Director of the San José Group, during a period when the Group continued its successes as a global company. He was previously General Director of Banca Cívica and Deputy General Director of Caja de Burgos. He also worked in other companies such as the Campofrío Group and Andersen Consulting, now Accenture.

“I would like to thank the Chairman and founder of Carbures and its Board of Directors for the trust they have placed in me. As the new Managing Director, I can assure you that I will use all of my experience, knowledge and effort to perform my duties in order to launch a new phase for the Company, one of continued growth and consolidation of its position as industrial manufacturer in the markets on which it has a presence, both domestically and internationally”, said Rey. Rafael Contreras, founder and chairman, today reiterated how grateful he was to the previous Managing Director, José María Tarragó, who performed “a very important role for the Company at a very difficult time”, and welcomed Rey: “Roberto is a high level executive with a proven track record, who is going to contribute to us the management skills we need for the new phase we are entering, when the Company is seeking to continue to beat aeronautics manufacturing records and to move up a gear in the automotive sector”, he stated.

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