Carbures signs a second contract with Hyperloop for its futuristic train

• Carbures Civil Works has signed a second contract, for 2.8 million euros, with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for the integral development, from the engineering to the manufacturing of the prototype of the pipeline for the line of this futuristic train that will connect Dubai with Abu Dabi.

• The prototype tube will be built in composite, will have a length of 700 meters, divided into segments of 12 meters long by four in diameter and a wall thickness of 32 millimeters, will be equipped with thousands of intelligent sensors that improve maintenance and the security, and the estimated manufacturing time is one year.

Madrid, March 5, 2018. First were the prototypes of the passenger capsules. Now it is the tube through which the capsules will travel. Carbures has signed a second contract with the American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for the integral development, from design, engineering, technology and manufacturing, of the composite tube prototype through which, as a track, the Dubai- Abu Dhabi line will circulate. The contract has been awarded to the Spanish technology company in a tender with four other companies that presented steel tube projects. The prototype will have a total length of 700 meters in length and will be equipped with thousands of intelligent sensors with the capacity to transmit information to a central monitoring station, which will control and facilitate the security of the installation. The contract signed by Carbures and Hyperloop amounts to 2.8 million euros and it is estimated that the prototype will be delivered later this year.

The Civil Works division of Carbures, expert in the engineering and design of oil pipelines in composite materials, has competed for six months in a selection process with four other companies, which proposed the manufacture of the pipeline with steel. Carbures project has been awarded with the contract for its engineering and technological-industrial capacity of manufacturing structures in composite materials. This type of material offers clear advantages; greater strength and hardness with even greater elasticity due to its low density compared to steel, as well as a high thermal insulation capacity.

The prototype duct or tube through which the capsule will circulate will have a length of about 700 meters, divided into segments of 12 meters long by four meters in diameter, and a thickness of 32 millimeters and the final route will be about 280 km tube (double circuit) between the two countries. In addition, Carbures will provide this structure with thousands of sensors that will allow us to measure, among other parameters, if the tube has suffered a deformation for whatever reason, if it suffers stress in the materials, if there are variations in internal pressure (it is a tube that is closed to the vacuum), the outside temperature, as well as other parameters of the structure that will allow to react in a preventive way increasing the security and detecting any anomaly in real time. The incorporation of the intelligent structures of Carbures in the project has clearly differentiated on the rest of the proposals presented and is particularly important for the place where this futuristic train will be installed: a desert between two cities where temperatures can vary up to 50 degrees.

The engineering required by the project and the structural calculation of the pipeline has been carried out by the Carbures engineers in Mexico and Spain, from the Civil Works area, who have extensive experience in projects for oil pipelines in Mexico and in other projects such as dolphins, in a pioneering work to expand the port of Rosario, in the Canary Islands, or the construction of the carbon fiber roof for the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid. The use of composites against steel brings many advantages in civil works, not only because of the advantages of composites, but also because it facilitates the execution of work and reduces the logistical needs of execution such as transportation to the construction site, including maintenance is easier by having a greater resistance to weather elements.

At a technological level, it can be said that there is no such construction in the world: a tube of these sensorized dimensions that will accommodate a vacuum transport capsule. This contract is one more proof of the added value of engineering and technological-industrial capacity of Carbures and its engineers and workers.

The president of Carbures, Rafael Contreras, declares: "This second project that Hyperloop entrusts us supposes a boost to our technological-industrial 4.0 capacity for the manufacturing processes of sensorized structures of last generation. As a Spanish technology company, it is very gratifying that we are so well positioned in a cutting-edge, unique project, and the importance of this throughout the world."

The first contract of Carbures with Hyperloop was achieved through the division of Aerospace & Defense of Carbures, to which Hyperloop awarded, in 2017, the manufacture of said capsules in carbon fiber. The project as a whole is a clear example of the synergies offered by the Carbures business model, which provides solutions in three of the largest sectors worldwide: Aerospace, Automotive and Civil Works. Carbures is applying the strictest engineering and manufacturing codes and requirements of the aerospace sector, acquired throughout its 18 years of experience in the sector, in the manufacturing process of the capsules, which are in the development phase and calculations of engineering. It is estimated that the manufacturing process of a capsule reaches its final step and the structure enters the autoclave at the end of this year, approximately.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is an American company that hopes to create a new transport system that will mean a revolution in the way of traveling. It is an ultrafast transport system and the speed that will reach will be above 1,200 kilometers per hour, low pressure and based on a tube, which has the support of the Governments of Australia and Slovakia.

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