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Pricewaterhouse has completed the audit for the first half of 2014 of Carbures providing an unqualified report

The company will finish 2014 with a consolidated revenue of around EUR 60 million, a 300 % increase, and expects to comfortably exceed the EUR 100 million in 2015.

- There will be no need for the company from Cádiz to restate the financial statements pertaining to 2013, but merely to update them, according to the auditor.

- The auditor recognizes the validity of the applied accounting method of the transaction with Shenyan Hengrui. However, PwC has recommended to change it. The company accepts the suggestion and will allocate it proportionately over the entire contract period.

- As a consequence of the changes in the statements, the transaction with Ansal will be accounted in 2014.

The connection with Sinatec and Materiable was already included in the statements for the years 2011 and 2012.

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CARBURES is still addressing with its roadmap, through the acquisition of MDU, the largest regional engineering, a fact that enhances the solid structure that the company is creating in order to tackle its ambitious growth process.

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CARBURES doesn´t slow down its pace and this week we have addressed a new milestone with the opening of the plant located in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz-Spain).

As usual, national media have closely followed CARBURES´ movements, such as Expasión digital newspaper, which published an article involving the relevant event that we share with our readers.

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CARBURES´  growth plan is attracting great attention among the specialized media. The  renowned newspaper Cinco Días, has published an article this past Sunday with reference to the history of CARBURES and their ambitious growth plan, which is being awarded by investors in the Alternative Stock Market.

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Today, it has taken place the first successful flight of the Airbus A 350 from Toulouse airport. This is a project that Airbus has worked for eight years, and now it has taken off with great force.Their wings, 32 meters long and 6 meters wide, is the biggest carbon fiber part ever built in aeronautics. (Source: RTVE)

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As our CEO, Rafael Contreras, and our CEO of Carbures USA, Ivan Contreras, were presenting the company to institutional investors at the Rockefeller Center in New York, our Chief Financial Officer, Juan Juarez, went to Spain Investors Day (SID) in Madrid.

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Our CEO, Rafael Contreras, and our Financial Vice President, Juan Juárez, have given more evidence on how committed they personally are with the company and with all of us, who are a vital part of it. In 2013, Rafael and Juan have increased their stake in the company up to 19.71 and 8 per cent, respectively.

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The Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit is taking place during these days in Seattle, the most important event of the aeronautics sector which is held every two years with the assistance of more than 800 companies. It offers, among other things, the opportunity to participate in discussions on cutting edge technology, strategy and implementation of solutions to forward thinking aerospace and defense companies; to make new business connections and strengthen existing ones

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Last week, our coworker from Carbures USA, Kristin Canon, had the opportunity to attend like a guest speaker at the Donaldson Career Center, in the Greenville County School District. This district is the largest in the State of South Carolina, they have one of the best vocational training programs and they are looking to expand their technical training program to include Composite Manufacturing.

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Carbures designs Oil Rigs for Pemex

The Company signs an engineering contract for €11 million with the Mexican Giant.

• The engineering of oil rigs is the first step towards starting to construct them with composite materials which can replace metal due to their anticorrosive capacity and duration.

• The contract with Pemex will last for 27 months. Carbures intends to spread its activity in Mexico, including the automotive and aeronautical sectors

Madrid 17th August 2015. Carbures takes steps towards moving into the oil business. The Company, specialised in the design and manufacturing of composite materials has signed a contract for 200 million Mexican Pesos (11 million euros) for the development of petrol platforms and other infrastructures with Mexican Oil company, Pemex. Carbures signed a contract with Pemex through its Mexican office, PYPSA, and the engineering tasks are limited to the oil assets that the Mexican Oil Company has in the Northern and Southern marine regions of Mexico.

They confirmed the contract in August 2015, with a d

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Carbures seals its refinancing deal with BBVA and Bankia

The industrial technological Group regulates its financial debt situations and continues growing.

• The industrial technological Group signs refinancing debt agreements with BBVA for four million and with Bankia for three million.

• By having obtained 27 million in private financing, and by means of this refinancing agreement for a total of seven million, Carbures regains confidence from the financial market and continues with its industrial routing sheet.

Madrid, Monday, 1st June, 2015. Carbures shows signs of confidence from the financial market: on the one hand, it has managed to gain the trust of the banks in order to refinance debts. Following the signing of various private financial agreements in the last six months, for 27 million euros, Carbures has sealed two refinancing debt agreements with BBVA and Bankia for a total amount of seven million, of which four million have arisen from an agreement with the first bank, and the remaining three from an agreement with Bankia. The new calendars for the repayment of debts which have been agreed to with the aforementioned financial entities involve the deferral of payments of 4.4 million euros arising from these loans until 2016.

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Carbures increases its capital by 31 millions

Capitalise loans, reduce net debt by 35% and obtain financial resources in order to grow.

* The Company reduces its net debt by 35% with regards to the 2014 financial year, which establishes it at 66 million, strengthening the company financially which will allow the company to keep growing and to meet its business plan.

* Carbures will thereby be strengthened and will have the necessary financial resources which will allow them to move forward with their business plan and organic growth.

El Puerto de Santa María, 13th of August, 2015. Carbures introduces an increase in capital of 30.9 million which will allow them to strengthen its financial capacity which will allow them to continue growing as a company and to fulfil its business plan. This will be approved tomorrow in the General Assembly of the Company in its second session, which will take place in El Puerto de Santa María, where the company has its business headquarters.

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Anangu and Black Toro invest six million more into Carbures

27 million invested in six months in order to continue to promote the growth of the Company.

• Black Toro and the Industrial group Anangu have reiterated their confidence in Carbures with a new private equity injection, meaning an investment of more than 27 million euros into the Company in just six months.

• Carbures will be joined by two supporting financial partners in the Company's capital by means of an increase in capital.

Madrid, Thursday 28th May, 2015. Carbures received financial backing allowing them to keep growing and to move towards the faithful fulfilment of its business plan. Two of their supporting partners, the Catalan industrial group, Anangu Grup and the investment fun, Black Toro Capital (BTC), have once again affirmed their confidence in Carbures by signing two new credits for four million and two million respectively, for a period of three years and with an interest rate of six percent. These new investments are added to the eight million invested by BTC last January, and to the 13 million which were invested by Anangu last December, therefore meaning that the absolute investment by both parties totals 27 million in a period of six months. Both BTC and Anangu have expressed interested in continuing to increase their share in the Company which will be carried out by means of an increase in capital.  

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