Born from the knowledge of chemistry and after working, researching, developing and producing with composite materials since 1999, CARBURES has developed its own know-how and technology for the production of parts and structures of composites of different types: from airplane parts even of cars, bicycles, civil works structures and others. The knowledge has allowed CARBURES a wide applicability of composite materials in industrial production processes. This is what makes the company unique throughout the world.

In addition, the experience has allowed the company to develop a manufacturing technology for automobiles with composite materials that competes with the traditional, with metals. This technology is called Rapid Multi-Injection Compress Process (RMCP) - multiple rapid injection process - and it is a patent sold by Carbures and that is destined to revolutionize the automotive industry all over the world. Cars with composite materials are more efficient and less polluting. The society demands this type of vehicles and the law is urging car manufacturers to produce vehicles that comply with carbon dioxide emission reduction policies.




As a leading industrial and technological platform for the production of composite structures (aircraft and car parts, civil engineering structures and others), the Group has the capacity to manufacture custom pieces of all types and sizes: from a small tube of the size from a finger to a heavy piece of more than four meters. This allows the company to comply with most of the demands and highest standards of the industry in the different sectors where it operates.

Manufacturing capacity of composite structures, especially carbon fiber:

  • Certificates its own technological developments, facilities, know-how and HLU -Hand, Lay-up-
  • 20,000 square meters of manufacturing capacity in Spain (Illescas, Jerez and El Puerto de Santa Maria)
  • 2,500 square meters of clean rooms.
  • 6 state-of-the-art autoclaves [pressure vessels used to process parts and materials that require exposure to high pressures and temperatures, such as carbon fiber]. This investment allows the company to multiply its production capacity by ten in a single year. CARBURES is now ready to put in normal conditions two production cycles per day and autoclave, with which the capacity reaches 10 cycles per day. This increase in capabilities is unique in the industry and will allow Carbures to differentiate itself from the competition and a faster response to customers.
  • More than 900 employees
  • 18 sites distributed in the main international markets (America, Europe, Asia)
  • Strategic headquarters established around the world for different industries (aerospace, automotive, rail, infrastructure...)
  • Registered proprietary technology RMCP, which shortens the process of linear manufacturing of composite parts, and which is destined to revolutionize the automotive sector through the construction of technology that allows the production in long series of car parts in carbon fiber, by what is more competitive in time and number, with respect to the model of traditional manufacture of cars with metal parts.
  • RTM ("Resin Transfer Molding", molding with resin transfer)
  • VARTM ("Assisted Resin Transfer Molding", molding assistant with resin transfer)

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