Manufacture of Parts

HLU (Hand Lay-Up): Carbures has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of composite materials, in 4 manufacturing plants, certified for the manufacture of pieces of composite material by manual molding or Hand Lay Up, a process that generates pieces of very high quality, ideal for medium series (≈ 300 uds./useful/year)..

Using techniques such as cold forming and hot forming (up to 60ºC of pre-impregnated materials, grouping manufacturing lots by using preforms in the same tooling, using manual and automated CNC machining, Carbures always seeks time optimization , materials and resources to guarantee maximum cost savings.

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding): Carbures has professionals specialized in the development of molds and with the knowledge and injection equipment necessary for the manufacture of parts, out of autoclave, through this technology, suitable for the manufacture of long series (≈ 600 uds./useful/year).

RI (Resin Infusion): Carbures uses this technology, suitable for the manufacture of large pieces in medium series (≈ 300 uds./useful/year), without the need for an autoclave for curing. Carbures is qualified to select the optimal infusion strategy that allows the manufacture of components in the shortest possible time, avoiding the formation of dry fiber areas and obtaining high quality elements. A deep knowledge of the auxiliary materials available in the market allows Carbures to make a correct selection of materials that guarantees the success of the manufacture of parts to the first.

Experience in infusion with high viscosity loaded resins, sandwich pieces with thermoplastic cores, monolithic pieces of great thickness. Carbures has all the equipment, means and facilities necessary for the manufacture of small and large pieces (<1m2 and> 25m2).

RMCP: Carbures patent for a fully automated production line

Rapid Multi-injection Compression Process is a suitable process for the production of high production series (≈ 50000 uds./useful/year).

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