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In parallel to the current lines of work, Carbures A & D is firmly committed to innovation in order to consolidate itself as a leading company in the most cutting-edge industrial sectors, being able not only to respond and adapt to the needs of customers, but also to anticipate the same. The innovation enables Carbures A & D to go hand in hand with its customers as technological partners in all types of projects. The key points on which Carbures A & D's commitment to innovation is based are:

  • Big Data
  • 3D Monitoring
  • Augmented reality and work instructions in virtual environment
  • 3D Print

The change of the market is leading Carbures A & D to offer integral solutions for each problem defined in the process, starting with the analysis, study and proposal of the improvement up to the implementation of said solution with all the auxiliary elements for the integration of the same: development of tools, auxiliary handling means, etc.

Under this framework, Carbures A & D offers:

  • Integral solutions for productive improvement of processes and reduction of manufacturing times
  • Real-time production support: process status, tracking of components needed for manufacturing, monitoring and maintenance
  • Definition and manufacture of manufacturing tools and auxiliary means
  • Architecture, coding, testing, visualization and system integration




The advanced equipment of Carbures, the extensive experience of its work team and its international positioning, allows it to provide the client with great flexibility in the manufacture of structures in composite material:

Manufacturing processes:
  • Curing technology experts (autoclave): HLU, RTM, VARTM, RI, RFI
  • Out of autoclave: RMCP Carbures patent
  • Dry fibers: Carbon fibers, Fiberglass, Aramids,
  • Preimpegating: Bismaldeides, Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyesters
  • Core: Honeycomb, Roacell, Thermoplastics (PET, PES)
  • Small, medium and long series.
  • Basic and complex geometry pieces.
Airbus programs:
  • A320, A320NEO, Beluga, A340, A350, A380, A400M, C295, C235
  • 2000 m2 of clean rooms
  • 7 autoclaves
  • Test laboratory



Although the market has led to specialization in 3 lines of business (test banks, on-board equipment and maintenance), the multiple disciplines present in the team cover the following activities:

  • Electronics in different variants: digital, analog, power, communications
  • Embedded software
  • Electrical: control equipment, distribution racks, decks
  • Application software and interface: web developments, HMIs, simulations
  • Mechanics in 2D (panels) and 3D (pieces)
  • Robotics and automation

These capabilities, as well as a constant orientation to solve customer problems, allow us to address many other types of projects, such as:

  • Simulators Everything related to the hardware: Control controls, Control systems and transmission of forces, Indicators, Control units, Electrical routing
  • Machines with user interface. For control of payments, information, access management, mission control, surveillance. Acting as hardware designers, manufacturers and integrators
  • Unmanned systems based on automation, navigation, communications, sensorization, positioning
  • Modules with specific functionality for signal conversion (frequency, amplitude), voltage adaptation (DC / DC converters), communication (IP transmitters)
  • Gimbals oriented to image stabilization, real-time sending, objective tracking

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