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CARBURES has been manufacturing carbon fiber car parts for the last five years for US manufacturers. It has been doing so for mainly electric cars and buses as well as for motorbikes, contributing to build lighter vehicles, less contaminating and more efficient, as society demands.

Based on this experience and hard work, CARBURES has managed to develop its own technology that will bring an industrial revolution in car manufacturing with composites. It is called the Rapid Multi-injection Process (RMCP), a patent that makes manufacturing composite parts of cars competitive with the traditional manufacturing of metal car parts.

Aware of the increasing demand from both society and the industry of more efficient and less polluting cars, CARBURES does not only offer composite car parts manufacturing services but also has opened a business line that commercializes for car manufacturers the technology to build those composite car parts.

Composite vs. metals: advantages

Cars manufactured with composite parts offer clear advantages over the ones build all in metal in the traditional way. As society demands, the car industry is driving towards making more efficient and less polluting cars. As engines have alredy undergone a evolution and have been optimized to reduce emissions, the car industry is now focusing on reducing the vehicles' weight. Carbon fiber is three times stronger and 4.5 times lighter than steel. Therefore, composite materials, as carbon fiber, allows building lighter and, therefore, more efficient cars. If a car is lighter it needs less power from the engine to push it, making it less polluting. Furthermore, composite-build cars are safer than metal ones. Besides, composites are weather resistant, they do not corrode, rust or weaken under tough weather conditions (snow, rain, salted-roads when freezing temperatures...)

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