Carbures expands its factory in El Burgo de Osma to implement a second high-volume line

• Carbures signed an agreement with the Town Hall of El Burgo de Osma for the assignment of a warehouse for the expansion of the current factory, destined to the manufacture of car parts in composite materials to cover the ramp up in the volume of orders.

• The expanded warehouse incorporates Industry 4.0's own technology, such as intelligent linear and artificial vision. The expansion is made after two years of work in short series of parts manufacturing to meet the expected increase in orders within the automotive sector.

• With the increase of almost 2,000 square meters, the factory will have a total area of 4,366 square meters and a staff of about 116 workers when it works at full capacity within a few years.

Madrid, March 20, 2018. Carbures expands its plant in El Burgo de Osma to meet the growing demand for parts and industrial technology in parts manufacturing processes with composite materials from the automotive sector. The Company will increase the surface area of the plant to 4,366 square meters: to the current 2,540 square meters, the 1,826.54 square meters of the expansion will be added. Within the budget is included the technology needed to accelerate the cadence and increase the security during the parts manufacturing processes. When the plant is at full capacity, it will employ around a hundred people.

After detecting needs in the market by TIER1 and OEMs (manufacturers of original equipment for cars) worldwide reference, Carbures undertakes this extension of the current factory with the aim of increasing its industrial capacity. The extension building object of the signing of the agreement will host different parts of the process and the technology that allows Carbures to produce composite pieces in long series. The expansion of the El Burgo plant incorporates Carbures' own technology, such as a manufacturing line composed of intelligent linear with artificial vision that Carbures has designed, manufactured and marketed to Tier 1 global in USA and Japan. According to the design of the plant and the integration of the expansion with the factory already in operation, in addition to the intelligent lines it has been already reserved spaces for a clean room of 425 square meters including cutting room and quality, a numerical control machine (CNC), a section for storage of tooling of large dimensions, two bridge cranes for the movement of said tooling.

As this plant is the flagship factory of Carbures for automotive, also its equipment and technology is inserted in Industry 4.0 where the company has a settled position. In fact, in the R & D laboratory already existing in the current factory, we work with Augmented Reality in a rolling pattern positioner, which makes the process more efficient and versatile, and in the line of long series already existing the company works with automated robots. The new space will host collaborative robots, artificial vision and connected factory technology, with real-time data processing. For this new establishment, the 20 people who are currently working in El Burgo plant and the incorporation of 96 new jobs in the coming years are added.

This factory was inaugurated in 2015, its location is strategic, due to the proximity to the existing automobile poles in Castilla y León (Valladolid-Soria), Aragón (Zaragoza) and País Vasco (Bizkaia). From this plant, the company from Cadiz has been developing the set-up in parallel of the manufacturing processes in long and short series. The preparation of a plant of this type entails a period of 1 to 2 years. In the case of El Burgo de Osma, certification processes have been alternated with production and preparation of the long series line. The result is that the plant has achieved two world certifications in automotive (IATF) and rail (IRIS), approved by the main manufacturers: Audi, Renault, Volkswagen, BMW in automotive, and rail OEMs such as CAF, ALSTOM, Bombardier, RENFE. All these parallel processes are what enable today the plant has been able to serve as R & D center, in short series, and go all the way to be ready to respond to the needs of long series.

At the factory in El Burgo de Osma, since it started in 2015, Carbures has manufactured in some cases and carried out engineering work on 95 emergency doors for line 6 and 3 of the Chilean Metro through our client CAF, which are own design of Carbures with more than 600 engineering elements; 543,646 automotive parts were assembled on the assembly line; 1430 units of the filter box of the GasGas of Trial TXT GP, 260 units of the frame of the headlights of a brand of high range, 250 units of cams for automatic gear change in high-end cars, 69 emergency doors for CAF -Euskotren, 7 train cars for the Asian market. All the development of prototyping for the pieces in short series, has also been carried out in collaboration with the plant that the company has in El Puerto de Santa María, where personnel hired in El Burgo has traveled as part of a training program and training of the local staff to be able to work with the composites processes.

The Mayor of El Burgo de Osma, Jesús Alonso Romero, affirms "We are living an extremely significant day for El Burgo de Osma and the whole region, since with this act it becomes visible how a leading company has opted to settle and grow in our locality , for continuing to invest and generating wealth and employment. That is why we want to thank Carbures for that commitment to our land and its people "

The Managing Director of Carbures, Borja Martínez-Laredo, affirms that "the expansion of the plant in El Burgo de Osma is a necessity for Carbures given the planned increase in the automotive sector of carbon fiber manufacturing processes, replacing those of metal . We need to be prepared to respond to the high volume of the different pieces that are following validation processes. Every day we see how more cars use carbon fiber or another type of composite material as structural elements of vehicles. "

Currently, the last works are being carried out to adapt the factory, to be able to receive the necessary equipment, and once this is received at the plant, a trial period is carried out, to adjust to the needs of the plant, it is expected that by the end of this year it can be ready for production. The municipal ship has been given free of charge by the City Council of El Burgo de Osma to be able to execute this project.

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