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Hechos Relevantes

07/03/2017 Carbures Relevant Fact. Other on corporate information
07/02/2017 Carbures - Executive operations
22/02/2017 Carbures - Financial Operations
21/02/2017 Carbures - Executive operations
10/01/2017 Carbures - Executive operations 2
10/01/2017 Carbures - Executive operations
02/01/2017 Carbures- Refinancing agreement
20/12/2016 Carbures- Board of Directors Composition
16/12/2016 Carbures- Capitalization
24/11/2016 Carbures - Board of Director´s Composition
17/11/2016 Carbures - Executive operations
16/11/2016 Carbures - Executive operations
16/11/2016 Carbures - Corporate operations
02/11/2016 CARBURES Loans, Credits, Warranties
27/10/2016 CARBURES Others about corporate operations
26/10/2016 CARBURES licenses and patent
26/10/2016 CARBURES Executive operations
19/09/2016 Carbures Relevant Fact. Significant shareholding
12/07/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Significant shareholding
04/07/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Others on business and financial situations
28/06/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Strategic, plans, projects and forecasts
15/06/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Other on corporate information
06/06/2016 Carbures Relevant Fact. Significant Shareholding
15/04/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Credits, loans and guarantors
07/04/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Fe de erratas
30/03/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Non regular information about results
30/03/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Others about financial transactions
30/03/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Other on corporate information
27/01/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Calls and agreements of Meeting
08/01/2016 CARBURES Relevant Fact. Significant Shareholding

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